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Mulch fabric
weed control



• Prevents the growth of weeds in a natural manner

• Perfect for growing vegetables

• An ideal choice for mulching fruit bushes

• It may also be used for decoration, with bark or other similar decorative stone scattered on it

• Strengthens the root system of plants while preventing the loss of soil water at the same time

Instructions For Use

First, prepare the soil by removing weeds and turf. Then, after scarifying and leveling the soil, lay the fabric out and cut it crosswise (the length of the cut depends on the root ball) in the place where the plants are expected to grow.


With the already growing plants, make a cut that will make it possible for the fabric to be placed around them.


Fix the fabric to the ground, preferably with pins or safety-pins from Agrimpex, to make sure it sticks stably.


For decoration, scatter bark or stones on the fabric and water the plants without removing it. The porous structure of the material will enable free water and air-flow.

Protects From

Protects From


By blocking the access of light to the ground, it prevents the development of unwanted weeds.

Excessive soil water evaporation

Thanks to its structure, the Agrimpex mulch fabric maintains moisture in the ground, thus preventing the loss of soil water.

Isolates the mulch, e.g. bark from the soil

It separates the layer of soil from the mulch.


Agrimpex mulch fabric separates the fruit from the soil, thanks to which the harvests are clean.

Product Characteristics

Weight 50g/m2

optimally selected weight to best fulfill its task.

UV stabilized

Thanks to this, Agrimpex mulch fabric extends the operating period in the conditions of UV radiation exposure.

Responds to water deficit in the environment

The structure of our mulch fabric is responsible for keeping moisture in the ground, thus preventing soil water loss.

The ground heats up faster

which results in better development of the root system, faster growth of plants and, in the case of fruit and vegetables, an increase of harvests.

Made of polypropylene

which makes the fabric a very light, thin, but at the same time durable material.


Owing to its structure, Agrimpex mulch fabric transmits water and minerals.


The structure of our mulch fabric enables swift air exchange underneath it.

Increases moisture content

It retains moisture under its surface, thus preventing excessive soil water evaporation and allowing you to save both water and time otherwise needed to frequently water the plants.


Available sizes

Width [m] Length [m] Type of packaging
1.60 5 package
1.60 10 package
1.60 20 mini roll
3.20 5 package
3.20 10 mini roll
3.20 20 roll



Recognized Quality

In order to fully meet our clients’ expectations, the products we offer are subjected to strict control. Our Quality Department constantly monitors the production process and watches over the quality of our products.

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Agrimpex mulch fabric
Agrimpex weed control mulch fabric in a package
Agrimpex weed control mulch fabric in a mini roll
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