Agrimpex Profi Profi – Pegas Agro weed control mulch fabric 50g

Pegas Agro
mulch fabric

weed control 50g



• Mulching strawberry and other soft fruit plantations

• Laying the fabric out on the patches of blueberry, honeyberry and other fruit bushes

• In tree and ornamental plant nurseries

• Covering soil in the cultivation of cucumbers, zucchinis and other cucurbits

• Prevents weed growth

Protects From

Protects From


By blocking the access of sunlight to the ground, the Pegas Agro weed control mulch fabric 50g prevents weed growth without the necessity to use herbicides.

Soil pests

Owing to the structure of the material, soil pests have limited access to plants.

Excessive evaporation of soil water

The Pegas Agro weed control mulch fabric 50g reduces the evaporation of water from the ground while increasing its humidity at the same time.

Dirt on fruit and vegetables

Mulching plantations improves phytosanitary conditions around the plants and the harvested fruit is clean and sand-free.

Product Characteristics

Weigth 50 g/m2

Optimally selected weight to best fulfill its task.

UV stabilized

Thanks to this, Agrimpex Pegas Agro mulch fabric 50g extends the operating period in the conditions of UV radiation exposure.

Retains water in the soil

By isolating the soil with the Pegas Agro weed control mulch fabric 50g, the evaporation of water from the ground is maximally limited.

Improves phytosanitary conditions

therefore plants are less susceptible to diseases.

Increases substrate temperature

Warmer soil stimulates better nutrients uptake by plants.

Enables water and air-flow

Owing to its porous structure, the Pegas Agro weed control mulch fabric 50g transmits both air and rainwater, additionally limiting its evaporation from the ground.

Black color

The color of the Pegas Agro weed control mulch fabric 50g attracts sunlight, thanks to which the topsoil heats up faster, which, as a result, accelerates fruitage.


Available sizes

Ask our regional representative for this product in a size adjusted to your field.

Width Length Type of packaging
0.80 100 roll
1.06 100 roll
1.20 100 roll
1.20 250 roll
1.20 500 roll
1.20 100 roll with two rows of cuts 33 x 33
1.40 100 roll
1.60 30 roll
1.60 50 roll
1.60 100 roll
2.00 100 roll
3.20 30 roll
3.20 50 roll
3.20 100 roll
3.20 250 roll




We can prepare other lengths on request

We can cut the cross-shaped holes in the size of 15 x 15

Mulching machine rental

Unfolding agrotextiles on plantations

Recognized Quality

Thousands of satisfied customers are our best identification mark! Our shading nets are produced with the observance of strict quality standards. Our undisputed hallmarks are reliability and durability of products.

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