Agrimpex Profi Profi – Pegas Agro spring protection crop cover 19g

Pegas Agro
spring protection

crop cover 19g



• Covering the seeds of early vegetables sown in spring

• In the cultivation of early-season potato varieties

• Covering young seedlings of such plants as cucumbers and other cucurbit vegetables

• Protection of flowering annuals, biennials and perennials

• Covering newly seeded lawns

• Accelerating harvests of soft fruit, e.g. strawberries, by covering them in early spring

• In tunnels for covering young seedlings after pricking them out

Protects From

Protects From

Spring frost

Pegas Agro spring protection crop cover 19g shields plants from sudden temperature drops by creating a protective layer underneath the material that prevents heat loss from the ground and protects against frost.

Insects and birds

Thanks to its structure, Pegas Agro spring protection crop cover 19g limits the access of pests and prevents birds from pecking seeds.

Excessive water evaporation

Pegas Agro spring protection crop cover 19g limits the evaporation of water from the ground, thus increasing the soil humidity.

Rain and hail

Pegas Agro spring protection crop cover 19g helps to protect plants from hail and prevents them from being crushed as a result of heavy rainfall.

Intense spring sun

Plants underneath the Pegas Agro crop cover 19g are protected against leaf scorches (sunlight is scattered) and provides them with proper air-flow.

Product Characteristics

Weight 19 g/m2

Optimally selected weight to best fulfill its task.

UV stabilized

Thanks to this, Agrimpex crop covers extend the operating period in the conditions of UV radiation exposure.

Enables water and air-flow

Thanks to its structure, Pegas Agro crop cover 19g transmits water, minerals and air.


thanks to which it does not crush young plants.

Faster sprouting

Pegas Agro spring protection crop cover 19g retains the accumulated heat, which makes the plants sprout earlier.


Available sizes

Ask our regional representative for this product in a size adjusted to your field.

Width [m] Length [m]
1.60 100
2.10 100
3.20 100
4.20 100
6.35 100
8.40 100
9.50 100
9.50 250
10.50 100
12.65 100
13.65 100
15.80 100
18.95 100
22.10 100
25.25 100



Recognized Quality

Thousands of satisfied customers are our best identification mark! Our shading nets are produced with the observance of strict quality standards. Our undisputed hallmarks are reliability and durability of products.

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