Agrimpex Hobby Hobby – Spring protection crop cover with the Agro Marina technology

Spring protection crop cover

with the Agro MarinaTM



• Protects freshly planted seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and other vegetables against frost

• Reliable in the cultivation of onions, leeks

• Perfect for protecting strawberries and other soft fruits

• In the cultivation of early-season potato varieties

Instructions for use

Spread the crop cover loosely over the plants, leaving them room to grow freely. It is recommended to spread it in accordance with the expected wind direction.


Cover the edges of the material with soil to prevent it from being blown off.


When the plants are growing, remember about watering them. The porous structure of the crop cover will allow for free air and water flow.


After the period of adverse weather conditions is over and the plants are fully-grown, feel free to remove the cover and enjoy exceptional harvests.

Protects From

Protects From

Low temperatures

The crop cover from Agrimpex levels daily temperature fluctuations, thus increasing and accelerating harvests.

Frosty and drying wind

Such protection is particularly important when plants are deprived of the protective layer of snow.

Crushing plants after rainfall

Thanks to the Agro-Marina technology, water does not crush the plants but it freely passes through the cover without any damage to their quality.


Agrimpex crop covers effectively protect planted seedlings against unwanted visits of birds.

Contaminated dust

Agrimpex spring protection is an excellent dust filter.

Soil water loss

The crop cover from Agrimpex retains moisture in the ground, thus preventing the loss of soil water.


Perfect insulation from unwanted insects.

Product Characteristics

Weight 17g/m2

optimally selected weight to best fulfill its task.

UV stabilized

Thanks to this, Agrimpex crop covers extend the operating period in the conditions of UV radiation exposure.

Made of polypropylene

which makes the cover a very light, thin, but at the same time durable material.

Immediately enables water flow

owing to its structure, Agrimpex crop covers do not retain water on the surface.

Transmits air

The structure of the material allows for air exchange under the surface of the cover, thanks to which there is no risk of fungal diseases.

Does not crush plants

Thanks to the deployment of the Agro Marina technology, Agrimpex crop covers let the water pass through right after unfolding.

Original color

is a guarantee of the highest quality of our product and its unique features.

Made in Poland

Agrimpex is 100% polish capital, we proudly emphasize the place of production of our products.


Available sizes

Destination country: EN, FR, DE, NL, IT, NO, SV, FI, DA

Width [m] Length [m] Type of packaging  Article number
1.60 5 nano roll Z0006
1.60 10 nano roll Z0007
3 5 mini roll Z0008
3 10 mini roll Z0009


Destination country: RO, ET, LT, LV, BG, CS, SR, HR, HU, UA, PL

Width [m] Length [m] Type of packaging  Article number
1.60 5 nano roll E0006
1.60 10 nano roll E0007
3 5 mini roll E0008
3 10 mini roll E0009

Recognized Quality

Thousands of satisfied customers are our best identification mark. Spring protection crop covers with the Agro Marina technology are one of our flagship products, produced with the observance of strict quality standards. In addition, our hallmark covers also reliability and durability.

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