Agrimpex Hobby Mulch Fabrics


Mulch Fabrics

Agrimpex mulch fabrics from the Hobby series are irreplaceable in any garden. It is an excellent, anti-weed fabric thanks to which your garden will look beautiful.


MULCH FABRIC weed control many sizes

Mulch Fabric

MULCH FABRIC weed control with the Agro Marina technology many sizes

Mulch Fabric

MULCH FABRIC Dual-Agro weed control many sizes

Mulch Fabric

AGROLA GROUND COVER made of polypropylene many sizes

Mulch Fabric

AGRO-NOVA MULCH FABRIC mulch fabric many sizes

Mulch Fabric

STRAWBERRY-DEDICATED MULCH FABRIC with cuts and the Agro Marina technology

Black and brown-black weed control mulch fabrics for your garden

Agrotextile, weed protection, also perfect as a ground cover under mulch material such as bark, grit or stone, under ornamental plants such as thuyas, spruces, junipers, etc., under vegetables, strawberries, lettuce, raspberries, zucchinis, cucumbers, and more.