Agrimpex New Double-sided weed control mulch fabric Dual-Agro

technologia Dual-Agro


Double-sided weed control mulch fabric Dual Agro brown and black is a universal material that can be used both in home vegetable gardens and for decorative mulching.

It is up to you which side you want to use while mulching. Each one performs the same basic function of preventing weeds from growing.

The black side can be used for mulching, among others, vegetables and berries.

The brown side is ideal for decorative mulching of ornamental trees and shrubs as the brown color of the fabric perfectly matches the color of e.g. bark.

Apart from mulching, our brown and black fabric can be used as insulation between the soil and decorative material while setting up hedges, alleys or making borders around trees and shrubs. In these cases, by using our mulch fabric the decorative material will not mix with the soil. As a decorative material, we can use e.g. bark, grit, stone or wood chips.


How to do it?

With our products, it is very simple and convenient. In the place where you want a plant or a hedge to grow, lay out the measured length of fabric and fix its edges to the ground with Agrimpex pins. Make a cross-cut in the fabric measuring roughly 10-20 cm (depending on the size of the plant’s root), tuck the triangles made as a result of the cut underneath the fabric, dig a hole in the uncovered soil and put your plant in there. After placing the triangles back on the soil surface, the only thing left to do is to scatter the decorative material of your choice.


Width [m] Length [m] Type of packaging
0,8 5 Mini roll
0,8 10 Mini roll
1,6 5 Package
1,6 10 Package
1,6 5 Mini roll ½
1,6 10 Mini roll ½
1,6 20 Mini roll ½
3,2 5 Package


Fixing the brown and black weed control mulch fabric to the ground


Agrimpex Twist Pins and Agrimpex Pins

While laying the fabric out, the Agrimpex pins will be helpful for fixing the edges of the material to the ground. Our pins, just like the Dual-Agro mulch fabric, come in two colors: brown and black. Depending on the application needs and the type of soil, there are two kinds of pins that differ in length and type of protection against sliding out of the ground.




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