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Discover Agrimpex mulch fabrics used by professionals, which will not only protect your crops from weeds but also help you accelerate and increase harvests.


AGRIMPEX PRO 50g many sizes


AGRIMPEX PRO 75g many sizes


DUAL-AGRO MULCH FABRIC weed control many sizes


BIODEGRADABLE MULCH FILM weed control biodegradable

Black and brown-black weed control mulch fabrics

Agrimpex mulch fabrics from the PROFI series have been created with agricultural producers in mind to accelerate and increase their harvests. Their main task is to prevent weeds from growing. The fabrics produced by Agrimpex have been tested and are recommended by thousands of satisfied planters, which only proves the highest quality of our products. The fabrics are produced in the weight of 50g/m2 and 75 g/m2 and are available in black and brown-black. Weed control mulch fabrics P-50 and P-75 are recommended for mulching plantations of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, honeyberries, in tree and ornamental plant nurseries as well as in the cultivation of cucumbers, zucchinis and other cucurbits. Mulch fabrics reduce the loss of water due to its evaporation from the soil, thus the harvested fruit is healthier and not polluted. They increase the temperature of the substrate (warmer soil stimulates the development of the root system, strengthening the entire plant). Our mulch fabrics are available in a wide range of sizes and are stabilized against the influence of UV radiation.

We can prepare a custom-tailored agrotextile for you

We can prepare a custom-tailored agrotextile for you

Length adjusted to the field

Do you need an agrotextile of a nonstandard length? At Agrimpex it is possible to customize the length of the material on request.

Impressive width

Are you looking for a wide agrotextile? We will prepare it for you by producing a cover of a width reaching 25.25 m.

We make planting easier

We will make a mulch fabric with cross-cuts that will facilitate planting.

We will choose the best solution together

Agrimpex sales representatives will be happy to meet you in person and advise you on the best solution.

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Additional services

PROFI Additional services

Formation of patches

It takes about 7-8 hours to make patches on an area of 1ha.

Unfolding agrotextiles

At Agrimpex we lend our customers a special machine for unfolding agrotextiles, ground covers or mulch fabrics, thus offering farmers additional agrotechnical support.

Cutting agrotextiles to adjust them to the field size

Just contact one of our regional representatives if you need an agrotextile of some non-standard length.

Rolling out drip tapes

As an extra service, we can roll out an irrigation tape for you.

Preparing 15 x 15 cm cuts

The machine also allows for cutting holes for seedlings.

Application of loose fertilizers

It is possible to dose fertilizers directly into the formed patch.

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